• Kevin Verpaele’s focus on family

  • Posted on May 23, 2019
  • Kevin Verpaele

    Hailing from Elmhurt, Illinois, Kevin Verpaele grew up primarily in Florida. As a student at Merritt Island High School, Verpaele impregnated his girlfriend. The first of the couple’s six children was born in 1999, shortly after his senior graduation. Relocating to the University of South Florida on a football scholarship, Kevin Verpaele resided with his girlfriend and young daughter while attending school. In sophomore year of college, he married his girlfriend, Kathleen Rao. The young family continued to live off campus, prioritizing their daughter around classwork, football practices and jobs. Their second child, Karys, was born in 2003 as Verpaele conducted his senior year of college. Following graduation, the family of four moved to Brevard County where they had four more children alongside various occupations in business, military and nursing. Their youngest, Charlee Mae, was born in 2016. Today, the children are flourishing as students and youngsters.

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